Amazon "manages" reviews through IMDB and Goodreads, two Amazon-owned companies

IMDB and Goodreads are Amazon

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Once upon a time, we could trust the reviews on IMDB and Goodreads.  Not anymore.  Both are now owned by and reviews are faked just as they are on

Part of the controversy around’s procurement of IMDB and Goodreads is that they now claim all of the voluntarily contributed content as their own.  That is, they are plagiarizing members’ content and claiming copyright over it as (copyright violation).

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Internet Movie Database – Copy (article download)

The other part of the controversy is that Amazon now controls the reviewing mechanisms for all of their products, leading to even more widespread fake reviews.  Amazon has several known reviewers who, for a price, will leave anywhere from 20 to 500 reviews for one book under fake names.  They will also leave negative reviews for the author’s competitors.

Amazon "manages" reviews through IMDB and Goodreads, two Amazon-owned companies
Amazon “manages” reviews through IMDB and Goodreads, two Amazon-owned companies

Goodreads reviewers are cyberbullies and trolls

In a scathing Huffington Post article, authors and reviewers came forward and revealed the level of hatred behind the Goodreads (Amazon) Cyberbullies:

“It isn’t so much the individual bully reviews, which are bad enough. It’s that they form gangs and roam through GR like rabid animals, mocking, harassing, terrorizing, and humiliating authors. They do it for amusement. They’re like Hell’s Angels without the Toys for Tots Christmas drive… For FUN, they psychologically torture and harass people.”

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  1. zoe desh

    The Goodreads rating system is nothing but a ratings mill for Amazon, but it has been so corrupted by carpet bombing that it brings into question the validity of all of the “reviews” on Goodreads, especially considering there is no requirement to touch the book being reviewed or rated.

    Here is a classic example of a nuclear rating war that just happened (Jan. 2015):

    Wonder when Goodreads is going to become an embarrassment to Amazon?

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