Amazon's DRM Protection is No Protection

Amazon’s DRM is No Protection

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Amazon doesn’t really provide DRM protection for e-books published on Kindle.  Here’s just one example of the widespread digital theft that takes place daily on Amazon.  This book, one of Molly’s books, was only published on Kindle for two months.  Fourteen months later, it’s still being copied, stolen, and distributed for free throughout the web, thanks to Amazon keeping copies of all e-books indefinitely.

If you’re shopping on Amazon, you’re part of the problem not the  solution.

Amazon provides no security for e-books published on Kindle
Amazon provides no security for e-books published on Kindle

Books offered for sale through Amazon’s CreateSpace aren’t protected either.  As CreateSpace authors are discovering, publishing your book in paperback doesn’t stop the e-book pirates from stealing your book.  All CreateSpace books are stored as e-books in Amazon’s system where they are pirated and distributed across the internet.

Amazon's CreateSpace Distributing Pirated Ebooks
Amazon’s CreateSpace Distributing Pirated Ebooks

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