Amazon = lawsuits, cyberbulling, fake reviews, and plagiarism

Amazon Selling Unauthorized Copies

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Bite Me Books currently has seven authors and several beta readers in the process of publishing their own books and novels.  We practice our craft and we write quality books and novels.  We also have an internal guide of ethics that we follow religiously.  We don’t leave reviews for our own books.  We don’t bash our competitors’ books.  We don’t put up social networking accounts (Twitter, FaceBook) and spam people.  Over the past year we have found some alarming issues with Amazon.  They are as follows:

  • Positive reviews for our books are not being published (16 reviews never posted on Amazon for our books and no explanation from Amazon)
  • Our authors are not allowed to comment on reviews
  • Our authors being cyberbullied by authors and publishers of competing titles (Skyhorse Publishing and TimberPress chief among them)
  • Our authors being cyberbullied by others (including the satanic cult from Buffalo, New York who has been leaving negative reviews for Molly MacKenna’s books)
  • Rampant cyberbullying of various authors, vendors, and publishers (an excellent reason to avoid Reddit and anyone who uses it as a platform to whine about others, e.g. Mediabridge)
  • Inconsistencies with the “Look Inside” feature including revealing  more than 50% of several books (including Fairy Gardening 101)
  • Amazon refusing to de-list titles that are no longer available for sale and allowing Amazon browsers to view most of those books through the “Look Inside” feature

None of our authors are currently selling titles on Amazon, nor will they in the future.

If you see one of our titles for sale on Amazon, please know that it is not original work and is a fabricated copy provided by Amazon.  The reviews you currently see on Amazon are for Amazon’s fakes, not our actual titles.


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