Kristin Holt Diane Darcy Swapping Reviews Attacking Books

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Over the past week we’ve received a handful of nasty comments coming directly from the IP address of the street where Kristin Holt lives.  At the same time, Kristin Holt left several negative reviews for Caty Callahan’s novels after receiving … Continued

Amazon’s DRM is No Protection

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Amazon doesn’t really provide DRM protection for e-books published on Kindle.  Here’s just one example of the widespread digital theft that takes place daily on Amazon.  This book, one of Molly’s books, was only published on Kindle for two months. … Continued

Amazon Trolls and Fake Reviews

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Amazon is being sued for leaving fake reviews.  Fake reviews do two things–convince buyers to purchase books they would not otherwise buy and convince buyers to avoid purchasing books they would otherwise buy.  Paid reviewers sell paid reviews in the … Continued

Amazon Lawsuits

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Amazon is constantly fighting lawsuits.  Their criminal and unethical activity is well-documented in the various lawsuits that have been brought against them. Illegal Patents One of Amazon’s practices is to create patents over purchasing behavior that is used by other … Continued

IMDB and Goodreads are Amazon

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Once upon a time, we could trust the reviews on IMDB and Goodreads.  Not anymore.  Both are now owned by and reviews are faked just as they are on Part of the controversy around’s procurement of IMDB … Continued

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